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Canadian blueberries are an historic treasure. Long prized by Aboriginal people and elevated to super food status today due to their important health benefits.

For centuries, Aboriginal people picked wild blueberries as an important source of food and medicine. They would sun-dry the blueberries and grind them into a powder to preserve them for winter months. The sun-dried berries were then mixed with ground corn meal mush ( a corn pudding) and honey. A tasty and nourishing food in winter. Natives brewed Blueberry roots to make a tea used to relax pregnant women.

Today, with new methods of preserving and processing blueberries, and their recent elevation to “super food” status, the world’s appetite for blueberries is growing.

At Wilmot Orchards we take great care to provide you
with the best blueberries possible.

Blueberry basket